Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bridles and Saddles and Sequins, Oh, MY!

When my baby girl was born, I held her in my arms and pictured frilly dresses, bows, painted nails, and Barbie dolls......she is the opposite.....and I wouldn't change a thing. Hey - but we do still have sequins!!!
This is her doing what she loves....barrel racing.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, THAT's why they come home so sticky....

Most of the time, I get one day off per week. Yea, go ahead and throw things at me....I don't care! If possible, I go eat lunch with Sadie at school on this day. (This was once also w/ Ty, but now, he is in Middle School and that would be so uncool to eat w/ Mom!)

Lunch is always entertaining, and I encourage other parents to do the same. It is also educational for me......I mean, I learned that kids still do this with their orange wedges:
That's my daughter, Sadie.....isn't she adorable???

I was also able to witness the new school record for eating flaming hot potato sticks w/o a drink being set by Wesley. FOUR BAGS, dare I say??!!! (I learned his name b/c his table was chanting, "Wes-ley! Wes-ley!") Poor kid, if he thought it burned today.....tomorrow morning will be really bad.

Can I say that the lunch workers who scream, "BE QUIET!!!!!" still scare me???

You just can't pay for this kind of entertainment!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If at first you don't erupt....

Double your ingredients!

Sadie's friend, Emily came why not build a volcano?? Here they go!

First - they gathered all ingredients, aprons on.

Next - Put the baking soda/flour mixture in with red food coloring - in the empty cocktail sauce bottle (that's how all volcanos begin, I'm sure!)

Mixed some water in with the soil (a.k.a. mud) Not their favorite part.....eeewwww...

Form the volcano around the bottle.

Poured in the vinegar.

......and.....nothing....(insert cricket sounds here)....

So, we cleaned it out and used twice the amount.


Erupting Volcano Project......CHECK!!!