Friday, February 19, 2010

Did your accent fall in my flied lice?

I have a mall, not necessarily hitting the sale racks (that's a given), it's lunch at one of the Chinese food booths in the food courts. My breath may kick afterward, but it's worth it!

It has always been intriguing to me, however, how the malls find "natives" to work so many of these fast food booths in Huntsville, Alabama. Friends, I think I have cracked the code.

While shopping this week, (aka eating lunch) I go to my favorite booth...the usual conversation; "general tso chicken", "flied lice" (that's how it sounds to me when the say it...actually it's "fried rice"), "mixed vegetable" (they always use the singular I'm just going to get one veggie), and finally, "You like drink?" (of course!). I pay, tell him "thanks - have a great day!"...and, what do I hear?....but, a Tennessean took over his body and replied with a think southern accent "You, too, ma'am - thank ye." -----what??? (sound of record scratching to a halt) I'm sure my eyes about popped out, and he noticed. An automatic smile on his face and an immediate, "You have nice day!"

Hey, I know what time it is....I've thickened up my southern accent when I can use it to my advantage. I now have a visual of him getting in his pick up truck after work....probably checking on his farm and mending a fence.